About VIP

Hi we are Grace and Kim and together we are VIP dog groomers.  Our mobile grooming vehicle is fitted with the latest technology a...

  • hydro spa bath shower,
  • unlimited thermostatically controlled hot water (for the dirtiest dogs)
  • Our heated towel rail and airing cupboard provides warm towels for your dog’s comfort (who likes a cold towel when you’ve just got out of a nice warm bath or shower)
  • Fresh clean towels for every dog no sharing with other dogs (you can even have your own personal towel with your dog’s name embroider at a small cost)
  • We also provide a range of shampoos and colognes including natural shampoos and conditioner (ylang ylang and magnolia is very nice) to help dogs with skin and coat conditions. All this is at no extra cost
  • We also have a range of treatments for the unwanted friends on your dog’s coat (fleas/parasites)
  • As a matter of course we completely clean and sterilize the grooming area after each dog visit    (cleanliness is next to godliness)      
  • Nervous and timid dogs (we all know that German shepherd’s barks are worse than their bite) are well catered for, as we can play soothing music and the grooming process is whisper quiet
  • We do not use noisy smelly generators (you would not like having your hair done next to a revving engine would you?)
  • We do not need any customer electricity, so no hook up required it is all state of the art.
  • In the grooming trade this is called stand alone, which means we can wash and groom your dog in the middle of a field or park.


Full pampering service for your pooch